Pieces of Peace

Pieces of Peace

I spent my last undergraduate spring break in Colorado. Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Breckenridge to be exact. I want to say it was so great, that I had so much fun and I did, but what I want those words to truly express is how connected and close those cities allowed me to feel. Countless times I have ranted, in my head and out loud, about what I want and how I feel and what I am looking for and each time I have to say the words it seems I am getting further from actually living the life I spew. But in Colorado the words stopped and the simple state of being began. I could spend forever gushing about Colorado, when I got back everyone asked if I wanted to live there. But for me Colorado just illustrates that those words I rant have the possibility to come into fruition. The mere realization of the idea is what makes my dream worth every struggle.

I did the Manitou Springs Incline, over 2,000 steps and 2,000 feet of elevation, the highest this New Yorker has ever been. When I got to the top, I just felt peace.


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