A Plea for Disconnection

So we can connect. If I could lead the bright and shining Youths, of the free (and not so free) world I would put in place a mandate to disconnect. It would be called:

The Mandate To Disconnect!

The success of the Internet has been wonderful, unfathomable, and it defines the phrase “life altering.” It has transformed human beings and human interaction to a level unprecedented and has forever changed what it means to exist here on planet Earth. Existence used to be a moving pictures that came in a wooden box with a screen, with commercials that told you to eat out of cans. It used to be calling on a phone with a cord which meant that you could only hide so much from your parents. It used to mean going out to eat and having to nothing else to preoccupy your space except the people physically near you. It used to mean snapping a picture and waiting a week or so to see what it looked it. Existence used to mean minimal documentation. You could walk in and out of schools, towns, or countries, with a light thread; your experience there would be isolated to that place. Existence used to be private.

Now lives are performed in display cases. With filters and extensions to promote flair and friends; friends who know the flair but not so much the person.

If I could rule the world, I would make a plea for Global Unplugging. Everyone would wake up  one day, every lets say 230,952 minutes, and pull out plugs behind flat screens, Apple screens, whatever screens they want. And venture outside, where they will find huge buses waiting to drive them to the country, parts, hiking, apple picking, farms. Any open field of greens or large cabins that have fireplaces and chimneys.

Just to take a moment to replant something that has been forgotten.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt.


5 thoughts on “A Plea for Disconnection

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