The Sidewalk Talks

The Sidewalk Talks

When I was in Edinburgh the friend I was travelling with was just as skint as me and after an incredibly random high school party we decided to walk back to the house we were couchsurfing at instead of being reasonable and taking a cab. It was our second day in Scotland and we knew nothing of Edinburgh suburbia. It was as bizarre a walk as it was entertaining. On our two hour long walk back, we passed this sign.

This sign is as beautiful as it is poetic. It didn’t lead us in the direction we needed to go or any sort of that magic. But even if a sign doesn’t point home, it can remind us that sometimes we aren’t as lost as we think we are.


That Was Summer

There are these visceral moments of scatteration when I feel my thoughts ooze out of my ears and slice my limbs a part. I slide around in a mess of doubt and confusion trying to figure out when what goes where. Then I slowly pick myself up with a perceived goal, it is a thread that I can sew myself back together with. But then this thread shows to be too short or too thin and I don’t get fully assembled or I quickly or slowly fall apart again. Just to repeat the process. That was summer.