A Slow Start

I’ve wanted to start this blog for a long time, a long time being a little over a month. I wanted to start from a place of settledness , a place where tomorrow I would have the same hour to blog as today. But that settled place I envisioned doesn’t exist for me yet. I wanted to share the struggles of a post-grad with a bundle full of dreams who somehow figured out how to make them come into existence with few tears and wounds. I’ve been impatiently waiting to become this person. I feel as if I am on this platform, staring at an approaching trains’ light, hearing the sound of the engine, but it’s suspended unable to arrive and pick me up. Now for my first post all I want to share as I sit rubbing the stress into my eyes, is that I was so excited for the bubble of college to pop. But I didn’t realize exactly what that bubble was keeping out, I am drowning in all of the variables. My friend who I studied abroad with said she felt post-college life was independent but somehow restrictive; I think she is right. This new found independence just means we are free to assume all the uncertainties and doubt that comes with our choices. And we are restricted to the social and economic situation that is current in our society today. But I am also free to let myself off the hook, and see uncertainty, and quite a bit of rejections, as opportunities.


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